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Health at Home Consultants encourages scholars & those interested in the healthcare field to shadow one of our team members! Health at Home Consultants also offers wounds & mental health services, so there is variety when it comes to shadowing our nurse practitioners!

11 thoughts on “Nursing Students

  1. My experience with the health at home consultants was very positive. I learned (as a nursing student) about the schedule, role, and variety of cards their nurse practitioners provide. I was very surprised by both the organization and the professionalism expressed by their APRNs

  2. My time spent shadowing amy went well and I really enjoyed the day! i liked the pace and this helped give me insight to what it would be like to work as a nurse practitioner.

  3. I had an amazing time shadowing the nurse practitioner and the nurse in the Fremont community. they had a busy schedule to see the clients in the area, however, I love that they took their time to sit and listen to the client’s needs. I saw so much passion and genuineness in them to help these clients and I was also able to see and experience what they do for the community. I definitely received a positive vibe from these healthcare providers and as a nursing student, it reminded me again the reason why I got into nursing school, it was to show love and compassion towards others by helping people and it also helped me want to do more for the community around us. Thank you for this experience.

  4. The home health experience that I had with Jamie Peters (Nurse Practitioner) was excellent. We visited multiple locations that began in Omaha and ended in Fremont. I really appreciate the opportunity that I was given and for allowing me to join them. I like this area of nursing, and the clients do as well because it allows them to receive proper care while still being in their own environment. Overall, I thoroughly enjoyed my clinical experience with health at home consultants.

  5. I got to meet up with jamie and go out to 3 memory care/assisted living facilities in fremont and experience a taste of what a day in the life is like for an NP in this area. It was a wonderful and informative experience to have!

  6. We have been working with Jamie at Health at Home Consultants for quite a few years. She gives our nursing students at Nebraska Methodist College a great home health experience that students up to this point in their education have not been given. It gives the students the opportunity to see a part of what Community Health Nursing Entails. Thank you for the great Experience!

  7. My experience was very eye opening. I honestly did not expect to enjoy it as much as I did. First, Amy and Jan were both so great. They explained their roles, and all the different details with their day to day job. They showed me a very interesting role I could take one day as a nurse, and I’m really grateful!

  8. I was actually very surprised at how interesting this experience was. I wasn’t fully aware of the visit sites, and the individuals that were seen. They made it such an amazing learning environment, and showed me another area that I am able to explore when I graduate nursing school.

  9. This was actually a very interesting experience. I didn’t expect to enjoy following them as much as I did. I was able to ask many questions, and explore an area that I didn’t know was an option for me after nursing school.

  10. I had a very good experience with the ARNP and the nurse I followed during my rotation. they had very positive attitudes and made the environment fun. they showed so much love and compassion for the patients they saw. they made sure to actually take the time to stop and talk to the patients and answered all questions even non medical ones.

  11. I had a very good time following the nurse and the arnp. they were kind and compassionate to all the patients and answered all questions medical and nonmedical. they were very laid back and had a very positive learning environment and were open to any questions. I had a very good experience

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