Patients and Care Givers

As a patient of Health at Home Consultants, you or your loved one will experience modern medicine in the comfort and convenience of your home. Health at Home Consultants is a mobile primary care medical practice composed of highly trained and compassionate medical providers who specialize in home care. Our patients are our number one priority.

The mission of Health at Home Consultants is to increase access to healthcare when it becomes difficult to transport to a medical office, help support decisions to stay at home or in a residential community, and provide comprehensive healthcare while decreasing medical costs.

Our philosophy surrounds our belief that patients and families deserve to be treated with dignity and respect, be allowed control over health care decisions, and have access to high-quality, complex care.

Our providers offer various levels of care from general exams to complex treatment plans. As home care specialists, we can act as your primary care provider (PCP) or work alongside your current physician and specialists. If you should need hospitalization, Health at Home Consultants coordinates the admission process with your hospital of choice. Upon discharge, our providers will coordinate a visit to ease your transition home.