House calls offer valuable services to homebound residents

Our Health at Home Nurse Practitioners are one of a small but growing number of providers across the United States that have chosen to make house calls. Often these patients have limited mobility or failing minds and would otherwise not be able to see their doctor unless taken by ambulance to the emergency room. Others could travel without much difficulty but prefer the convenience of a house call when available. Nurse practitioners can provide many of medical services that patients receive in doctor’s offices.

Nurse Practitioners have found a perfect business niche in homecare. Residents best served by house calls are the elderly, chronically ill, people with disabilities and psychiatric conditions.

Our nurse Practitioners can provide services such as:

nurse practitioner diagnosing patient

Order, perform and interpret diagnostic tests such as lab work and x-rays, flu shots, pneumonia vaccines, and all other injections.

nurse practitioner providing medical services to patient, such as checking blood pressure

Diagnose and treat acute and chronic conditions such as diabetes, high blood pressure, infections, and injuries.

nurse practitioner with patient writing prescription.

Prescribe medications and other treatments.

nurse practitioner showing patient chart

Manage a patient’s care while maintaining continuous communication with the primary care physician.

These services may be performed in the home setting, whether it is an assisted living facility, skilled nursing facility or in the comfort of the individual’s home. Once a home visit has been made, your visit note and any other medical records will be sent to your primary physician.