What Is Hospice Care at Home?

What Is Hospice Care at Home?

At-home hospice care is a specialized form of healthcare for individuals diagnosed with terminal illnesses. Hospice nurses and caregivers travel to the patient’s residence to provide vital comfort and emotional support in their final weeks and months. To better understand this essential service, let’s take a closer look at the purpose, benefits, and types of hospice care at home.

Hospice Care at Home

At-home hospice care is a form of palliative care that supports individuals suffering from terminal conditions at the end of their lives. The primary difference between traditional palliative care and at-home hospice care is that the latter occurs in the patient’s home rather than a medical facility. Because of this flexibility, our patients receive high-quality care at home from a dedicated team of healthcare professionals.

Benefits of Hospice Care at Home

Hospice care focuses on providing physical, mental, emotional, and spiritual support in the last six months of a patient’s life. This is achieved through techniques like pain management, symptom control, and ongoing emotional assistance.

Additionally, at-home hospice staff can aid with daily activities like meal preparation and medication management. These resources are brought to patients’ homes so they can remain in a familiar environment surrounded by their loved ones. All four types of hospice care can revolve around home care, making it a fantastic option for many homebound or chronically ill patients.

Types of Hospice Care

Hospice care involves four stages that support patients with terminal conditions in their final days. Three stages can be performed at home, with the fourth occurring if a patient needs a temporary hospital stay. Here are the main types of hospice care often provided by home healthcare professionals.

1. Routine Home Care

Routine home care, akin to post-acute care, is provided in the patient’s home environment for symptom control and emotional and spiritual support.

2. Continuous Home Care

Continuous home care offers round-the-clock professional nursing services until the patient requires inpatient respite or general inpatient care.

3. Inpatient Respite Care

During inpatient respite care, patients receive short-term residential services that allow caregivers and family members to enjoy some well-earned rest.

4. General Inpatient Care

Finally, general inpatient care may be offered on a short-term basis at a hospice facility or an acute care hospital. It’s most helpful when a patient needs intensive treatment to manage an injury or recurring symptoms that can’t be easily controlled at home.

Medicare and Hospice Care at Home

Medicare covers most costs of hospice care under both Part A and Part B. However, two requirements must be met for these costs to be covered. First, a physician must estimate their patient’s lifespan to be six months or less. Then, the patient or their healthcare surrogate must willingly agree to seek hospice care rather than a cure.

Medicare generally covers up to five hours of home health aide services per day if ordered by a doctor and provided through a Medicare-certified organization. Physical therapy and speech-language pathology may also be available depending on the patient’s unique needs and condition. Other costs associated with hospice care at home may include physician services, skilled nursing care, therapy services, and copays for prescription medications.

Our Home Healthcare Services

Our team of dedicated registered nurses, nurse practitioners, and clinical assistants provides home healthcare services tailored to each patient’s unique needs. We work with healthcare facilities and primary care physicians to ensure our patients receive the care they need during this critical time.

Our team also works closely with family members to provide additional support for elderly, homebound, chronically ill, and disabled patients. We help them understand what their loved one is going through so they can better prepare for the journey ahead of them. Our staff is always available after death to assist family members with any questions or concerns during the grieving process.

Reach Out for Care Options

Hospice care at home provides an invaluable service for those facing end-stage illnesses. Our team strives to ensure each patient always receives personalized care and compassionate support at every stage. We’re here for your loved ones as they live out their days surrounded by caring friends and family members.

If you’d like more information about our at-home healthcare services, then we encourage you to contact us today. Not only can we offer our services at your home, but we also operate out of over 30 care facilities in Lincoln and Omaha, Nebraska. Our team will gladly step up to provide the care and support your loved one rightfully deserves.